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How do Mormons view others?

(Since this site is in its infancy, this page is seriously lacking in details. Expect it to be much more thorough in the near future. )

How Mormons view others:

How do Mormons view other people?

Latter-day Saints are taught to love one another. They are taught to love those who are imperfect and not to judge. We are taught that we must be strong in our moral ground, but to love all mankind no matter their circumstance or beliefs. We are taught to love the sinner, but not the sin, and to turn the other cheek.

How do Mormons view other religions?

Latter-day Saints are taught that any religion that brings a man closer to God is a good thing. We believe that other religions have many truths, but that they are not complete without direct revelation and authority from God. We are taught to respect other religions beliefs and practices and to let "men … worship how, where, or what they may."

The Book of Mormon identifies a church which is termed as the 'Great and Abominable church.' According to the book this church is composed of those who 'fight against Zion.' It is not a specific denomination or religion, but men and women who fight against 'the pure of heart.' There are members of the LDS church who use their membership status to undermine it. They would also be included in the Great and Abominable church. A good example of this is a website that claims the owners are members of the LDS church but then spread inaccurate information in an attempt to sway people away from the church.

About prejudices

Most critics who claim that the LDS church is prejudiced in one way or another don't fully disclose what has been taught in the church. For example, critics are quick to cry foul about women and the priesthood, but fail to realize the partnership in marriage that is intricately linked to it. Critics also are quick to cry foul against Brigham Young for not allowing blacks to hold the priesthood. But they fail to mention the numerous times that he taught that they were loved dearly by their Father in Heaven and that these men would receive it once the time was right. These well referenced articles are in the works.