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How do Mormons view science?

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Mormons believe that science is complementary to faith and serves as another testimony of God. We believe that God created a universe of order and natural rules and mankind should embrace and learn these things. We do not believe that knowledge of science is perfect, but that it will continue to change and progress and be redefined as new discoveries are found.

In a related note we do not believe that our prophets or leaders are all knowing and we believe that they are still mortals who are learning things as well. There are some leaders who have expressed their understanding of science in the past that is rather odd to us now. The calling of prophet or bishop does not include a full brain transplant with all the knowledge already filled in, but rather these callings allow for revelation of specific circumstances which usually pertain to the keys of salvation.

Latter-day Saints are taught to learn as much as they can in this life as much of it will be beneficial to their understanding and growth in the next life.

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