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A compilation and review of the claims made by the Book of Mormon compared against non-apologetic data

The Mormon fact and myth cheat sheet

Have you heard something about the Mormons that you were not sure was true? Use this handy cheat sheet to find out. This is a compilation of facts and myths about Mormon beliefs compiled from comments and other resource of what people have been saying. I add things to this list as I run into them so this list has more information on it than I have had time to write about in detail. Some of them make sense and some of them are pretty far fetched. This page is a little bit of Mormon myth busting if you will.

A lot of these were collected from comments that try and lead you to believe that Mormons won't tell you about these things. Turns out that this is accurate, but it's because we don't actually believe them.

On a similar note, there is something that you should be aware of that I have run into and it is where I have pulled some of this information from. There are several "campaigns" out there which claim that they just want to help us Mormons realize the error of our ways. However most of these campaigns are not actually targeted to Mormons. They are targeted to those of you who are not Mormon who are curious about what we really believe. In war and politics it is known as a "disinformation" campaign and it's used to keep other people either in the dark or doubtful of factual information. If these campaigns were intending to target Mormons they would talk to us directly, instead of referring to Mormons in the third person as "they," and, assuming they had a genuine concern for us, would use our real teachings to try and convince us of our error.

This page is more or less a quick list with easy to understand icons. It's where many baby articles first start. Additional resources of topics could also include the LDS church's website, the Mormon news room, Mormon.org, and the Encyclopedia of Mormon.

If you would like to search for keywords across the entire fact and myth cheat sheet I would recommend using this single page version. It compiles all of these categories into a single page so that you can use your browser's find function to search for specific phrases or words.

The Mormon Fact and Myth Cheat Sheet

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