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A compilation and review of the claims made by the Book of Mormon compared against non-apologetic data

Why do Mormons believe this stuff?

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Every now and again the question is asked "Why do Mormons believe this stuff?" If you are asking this question than what you think I believe is probably very different from what I actually believe. I have yet to encounter the person who has asked me this who had a correct understanding of it. If you find yourself asking this question make sure you understand what Mormons really believe.

If you have at least a basic understanding of what Mormons believe than your in good shape. Latter-day Saints believe in the things they are taught for several reasons. The highest and most authoritative reason is the witness of the Holy Ghost. There is a distinct feeling that comes when someone who is looking for truth receives a witness of it. This is promised in the Bible and allows a person to prove the truth of it. You can read more about how that witness works here.

In addition Latter-day Saints often find that they have more peace and happiness when they are doing the things that are taught in the gospel. This meets the requirement of Paul to the Thessalonians and the test put forward by the Savior.

The third reason is because the gospel makes a lot of logical sense. Most critics will debate you with that. Those who are looking for faults will find things that initially may seem faulty or illogical, or they may cling to things that are falsly put forward by someone who is less than honest. But those who are honestly looking for answers often find that the logic of the teachings in the church are very complimentary to one another. You will find that the more that you study it the more it begins to make sense. Critics have no desire to continually study for these things nor do they take the time to do so.

There are other reasons but these are the strongest and most common.

If you are looking to find out what is true or not I recommend that you don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself.